10 October 2009

A VW Corrado joins the family

28 September 2009

Edition 38 and Players 2009. Click for pictures. Both good shows and a noticable drop in turn out to Edition 38.

9 April 2009

Finally found a body shop to do the respray on the Cabrio, SPR Coachworks in Uckfield. I spent the weekend before striping the car ready for prep and paint. Not too bad, the easy bits on new cars, like the window removal were the hardest on the old one! They came and collected the car today Pictures

28-29 March 2009

Snetterton 2009 Yamaha Past Masters + Others. Pictures here.

14 September 2008 PM

Snetterton 2008 Yamaha Past Masters + Others. Pictures here.

14 September 2008 AM

VW Players 2008, first time at this show and it's got something about it, Inters at TRL maybe? Hopefully more to come over the coming years. Great location, plenty of hard standing for the showers and well laid out. Pictures here.

31 August 2008

Edition 38 2008. Wet, wet, wet. Probably was a good show, but just too rainy to stay. 30 minutes worth of pictures here

20 July 2008

Brands Hatch 2008 Past Masters Yamaha + Others. Brilliant day in a hospitality suite supporting Steve Higerty and Team Stoater. Pictures here.

1 June 2008

Stoner Park 2008 - Brilliant show and it gets bigger every year. This time a bit different as I have the convertible, so we had roof down all the way there and back! Pictures here

25 May 2008 - 92 Mk1 Golf GTI Sportline

I'm finally the proud owner of a mk1 Golf GTI Convertible 92 Sportline (on a J). Since buying the car I've and had a smile on my face ever since.

The intension is to rebuild the slightly tired example. Body work is sound with two minor rust patches. Roof is a bit tatty, being replace this Thursday and I have some 15" BBS RM rims arriving. The body work will be done soon. Interior is probably the worst with wear and tear items needing replacing glove box, window rake, winders, carpet, etc

The wheels arrived from Germany within a few days, they look amazing and are now on the car. The roof was replaced by a company in Croydon called Car Hood, good job and now doesn't leak!

Obviously their is limited or no availibility of decals. I was thinking of replicating decals. Pictures Here

30 March 2008

British Touring Car @ Brands Hatch Check out the pictures here.

28 March 2008

R.I.P. Travelling north bound on the A21 just past the Sevenoaks junction. A jag in front of me (50-55mph), put my foot down to pull past...as he pulled over...saw the surface water too late (more like a lake!)....span side ways front end facing the barrier....front end then hit the crash barrier first....slid along the barrier...did the backend damage...got fired out of the crash barrier....further nice little spin and came to a stop on the grass on the other side of the carriageway. Any faster I'd have been in hospital....lucky is was relatively slow...2 mins later an M3 follows me and gets stuck in the fast lane...nightmare. R.I.P.

8 July 2007

GTI Festival 2007 - Great show and drag strip. Even managed to get my GTI up the strip this time! 15.9 was my best time, I need a bigger turbo! Picture here

16 June 2007

GTI International 2007 (Saturday) - 17 quid! Bloody Hell, do I get lunch with this?. What a disappointment, the weather only paying a small part to a bad day. It's been a few years since we've been to GTI International, not intentionally just holidays, etc, getting in the way. BUT we've not missed much! Poor venue, too spread out, max power kiddies (phew, I still have my plastic dust caps ;-)), quarter mile was a joke (Do RWYB at Santa Pod, do it right!) Hopefully it was better on Sunday. Golf W12 650, nice. Pictures.

3 June 2007

Stoner Park 2007 - This one gets better every year! A brilliant venue with a relaxed atmosphere. A really nice mixture of water and air cooled Vdubs. Pictures here.

1 April 2007

British Touring Car @ Brands Hatch - What a great day. A fun packed day of touring car racing along side a mixture of Seat, Clio and Formula series racing. Nice cool day for some fast race action. Check out the pictures here.

3 September 2006

Edition 38 2006 Overstone Park - Another great year, this one gets better and better.....the replacement for GTI International when at TRL. Pictures here.

20 August 2006

VW Festival 2006 @ Harewood House, Leeds - We took the long trip north to see this show for the first time. Real nice laid back show, plenty more amazing VW dubs to see. Pictures here.

9 July 2006

GTI Festival 2006 @ Santa Pod - Great show, plenty of action. Check out the great rocket pictures and BMW burnout here

25 June 2006

Hop Farm 2006 - First time show, small, less hardcore VW fans involved. Pictures here.

24 June 2006

KW Variant 3 coilovers and also Eibach front and rear antiroll bars installed, stage 5 pictures here.

The Fiesta Zetec S has made way for an mk4 R32! Completely standard, here are the pictures. This thing really does fly along!

4 June 2006

Stoner Park 2006 - First time we've been to this show. Nice relaxing show, plenty of trade stands and a great location. Here are the pictures.

17 April 2006

Finally I've managed to move on with the Golf and add some more modifications. I've installed a Forge Front Mounted Intercooler (FMIC) to stop the heat soak over the summer and also a Turbo Intake Pipe (TIP). What difference these modifications make! Mucher smoother and the turbo appears to spool up quicker.

Next will be the larger turbo and a remap to make full use of the FMIC and TIP.

Check out the stage 4 pictures

11 September 2005

London to Brighton Rally 2005 - 80,000 bikes in Brighton! Mad! We also got to see Paul Snr, Pauly and Mikey of Orange County Choppers. Here are a few pictures of the day.

4 September 2005

Edition 38 @ Overstone Park (Northamton) - Back to Northamton for a second show. Wow! best one I've been to for while, quality show cars, great atmosphere. It felt like my first show at GTI International when it was at TRL. Here are the pictures.

10 July 2005

GTI Festival 2005 @ Santa pod, summer fun! - hot, hot, hot! Loads of drag strip action, check out the pictures

9 July 2005

We were up early and on the road by 5:30 am to get up to JBS Autodesigns in Chesterfield for around 9am. They fitted a new stock flywheel with a aftermarket kevlar plated clutch, it took 4 hours to fit. Big thanks to JBS.

Since then I've done around 1500 miles on the clutch and it's great, more bite, lighter clutch peddle and I now have ALL my power back. I think my old clutch had been going for a while.

24 April 2005

GTI Festival (GTI Sprint) 2005 - Great day, rain stayed away. The rocket car was LOUD, it was the first time I've heard one! - Check out the pictures

24 December 2004

Didn't manage to get to any v dub shows this year, but will do in 2005.

11 May 2003

GTI International 2003 - pictures and a few movies. The weather wasn't great on Sunday but still a good day.

5 May 2003

I finally got the BBS CH 18x8.5 (ET30). Also since the last photo shoot it has been de-locked and I've added a turbo badge to the rear. The pictures are here.

12 April 2003

Pictures of Fiona's (my girlfriends) little Fiesta mk5 have now been added to the site.

9 February 2003

Linked to the story below - I have just found out that my drivers side locking mechinism is doing pretty much the same thing. Again the microswitch is stuck in one or another state, locked or unlocked. This time it's locked, which is better, and can wait for repair, because the ECU tells me that the alarm is working properly - as opposed to the passenger side unlock state where the alarm wouldn't set at all, but appeared to be working from the outside.

23 November 2002

I had a slight problem with my central locking and (I think) a few other related problems.

I first noticed that the headlight warning buzzer was not working when opening the door and also the interior light didn't work. I checked all related fuses and none had blown.

Got out the VAG-COM to check for errors and this one appeared....

00929 - Central Locking Unit: Passenger Side (F221) 27-00 - Implausible Signal

So I tried locking the car with the central locking switch on the drivers side, and the passenger side locking pin popped back up as though the door was open (drivers side stayed locked). I then thought arrggghhh the doors where not locking with the alarm set from the key, but that was all working.

I'm now at a loss as to what it could be.

Going to take the door apart today and check for water entry in to the door, locking unit and central locking unit......................

......................Fixed it. DTC free.

The passenger side locking unit had gone mad, as far as I could see it was a micro switch managing the locking state (always appearing unlocked). Just replaced it the whole unit, as you can't buy the micro switch separate (riveted on), all working now. Expensive at 70 quid!

9 June 2002

GTI Festival 2002 - pictures, it's the first time I've been to Santa Pod and it's great. Cheaper 1/4 mile runs than GTI International. I was thinking of running mine in the afternoon, but then the skies opened and rain stopped play all afternoon. We spotted alot of the same cars from GTI Inters, so most of the pictures are of the track.

12 May 2002

GTI International 2002 - pictures, very good day, shame about the weather.

A few of the best and strange. Orange cars are supposed to be red, not sure why that happened.

11 January 2002

A nice find today UK VW forum


A completely mad race through the streets of sweeden in a Ford Escort Cosworth and Toyota Supra, both kicking out about 450bhp+

21 October

The front and rear lower valences have been painted, I also painted the badges front and back

Here are the pictures

6 August 2001

After searching through some old X-Files video tapes, recorded from TV, I came across the Golf commercial so I decided to encoded it.

Golf commercial - Encoded with Windows Media v8. Right click, save as.... if you having problems.

Not sure what the copyright issues are, but its a commercial so they can't loose.

19 June 2001

Well the exhuast and DV arrived. Opened up the exhuast box and starting looking at the tail pipes..........hmmmm.......that does not look right. It looks like a standard exit under a rear valance. I hot foot it out to the car with exhaust and line it up with the mounts. Nope it isn't going to exit out the 4 motion valance. I call Forge Motorsport the next day and speak to Stuart. Stuart says it should exit a 4 motion valance, but I say it doesn't. So Stuart call's Carl at Milltek to check what he's sold me. Stuart call's me back and says yep it should fit, but it doesn't I say. Now we have a problem. Stuart thinks that I'm the thick DIY car enthusiast, so he says could I call Carl on his mobile. So I call Carl and explain the situation, Carl says that Forge have sold me the wrong type "unknowingly". Carl says the he will speak to Forge. Cool its getting sorted :). Receive a call from Stuart saying sorry Milltek had recently changed production of this box and now make two instead of one, Forge thought they had replaced it. Stuart says that Milltek will send me the back box only, directly to my address.

In the meantime I remove the stock exhaust (needs cutting off ! They install it as one part in the factory, must be easier to drop in before they put the shell on) I look in my Bentley manual and cut it in the place they recommmend. I Installed the Milltek front section (from the Cat to the rear axel) I didn't use the exhaust clamps that came with it, they looked like large hose clamps and very weak. So I went out to get some better clamps from the local car parts shop.

The new back box arrives :) That looks better. I finish installing the back section and take it out for a spin. Hmmmm.....bang....ting....bang....ting. Arse, sounds like it hitting the heat sheild....errrr.....nope.....it the "better clamps" hitting the rear axel (I found it after about five trips and jacking it up and down). I didn't see that when the car was first jacked up. I can get it in to a position where it will clear the axel, but can't get the socket wrench in that gap....bugger....I finally find a position where I can tighten the clamp and clear the axel. The next trip appears to be.......(silence)......ok, thats it. The clamp had scratched the rear axel so I got some black spray paint and covered it up to stop rust.

The diverter value has got the be the easiest job of the day. I had read lot of reviews on VWVotex on how to install a DV. I was worried about the stock hose clamps on AWD and AWW type engines are sealed and factory fitted, and thought that they may be difficult to get off. But the European AGU engine has standard screwable hose clamps :-). All installed with no problems.

I decided to take the car on a 80 mile round trip to show up any problems and DTC errors. I got back hooked it up to VAG-COM, .........no errors :). Cool, that works.

Have a look at the pictures.

1 June 2001

Ordered my Milltek exhaust and Forge diverter value from Forge Motorsport. The exhaust is going to take some time to come as Milltek are having some problems with the production of the mid section of the exhaust. The exhaust has twin round tail pipes which will exit from a 4 motion rear valance. Already fitted my 4 motion rear valance by following Roger Moore's tech procedures. The modification went fine, apart from breaking a small tab on the edge of the valance next to the mud gard, so its now slighty out of line (due to the badly set plastic in the stock rear bumper). But I added an extra screw through the bumper and in to the valance to hold it in line. I haven't got the front and rear valances painted yet, that will come soon. I also bought a new front valance as current one is very scratched due to it hitting the ground when I go down steep ramps in multi-storey car parks (can't do that when they are painted :-)). I haven't fitted the new front one, I'm waiting until I can get them painted.